Our Vision & Mission. At TAS, we follow our Mission, have confidence in our Vision, live our Values and make good on Our Promise to Customers – everyday. Developed over many years, these tenets on which we base our company motivate and inspire us; they enable us to help our customers achieve their business goals. We are guided by these ideals, and our commitment to them, making a steadfast through change and ready for anything!

Vison Statement

1Our Vision is to be a leading global logistics solutions provider for every customer we serve.

Mission Statement

2TAS mission is to deliver solutions to customers by providing world class logistics services to customers which will allow them to focus their time and assets on their core business competencies.

Our Values


At TAS, we think differently and work differently by helping our customers master change, we understand and embrace it first. We’re dedicated to our customers' success. That’s why we stay a step ahead, in order to anticipate their needs in the supply chain.

We keep our eyes on the business. Just reaching fast isn’t the answer. We pay close attention to what’s going on, from critical detail to biggest picture. Then we share what we’ve noticed with others.

We get it done. We’re resilient. We’re resourceful. We get the most from the future by keeping the best from the past. Then we work our processes and systems to the limit to come through.

We get it done. We’re resilient. We’re resourceful. We get the most from the future by keeping the best from the past. Then we work our processes and systems to the limit to come through.

Our Promise

POur underlying commitment is to uphold high standards of integrity, responsibility and accountability, based on open communication, collaboration and trust.

We approach our customer partnership by focusing on partnership.

apply our best knowledge and experience to create innovative strategies and solutions.

We assure consistency and flawless execution by integrating operations and capabilities.

We achieve your business goals by helping you make the most of change.

We’re ready for anything.

... and we keep our promises

Our personnel

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CEO, TAS Groups

Most of our company personnel has more than ten years of experience in the forwarding industries which includes air, sea, trucking, haulage, warehousing and project handling for setting up factories and moving of odd size cargo / machineries. Prior to this, most of us have been working in American, Taiwanese, Japanese and German International based company which gave them the edge when it comes to dealing with individual customers or particular industries due to our vast experiences.

There are hundreds of services you can choose from to ship internationally but superior quality is only reserved for a few companies who have dedication, pride and the commitment required to produce the services they promise, TAS Freight Services Sdn Bhd is one of them. As customers are our main reason for existing, our motto is to provide tailor made customer solutions, meeting their needs by providing integrated and consistent high level quality of cost effective services.


We have trained personnel at all our facilities to answer any questions you have in regards to shipping of freight forwarding. Being experienced they will need and can ensure a smooth logistics movement.


Skilled and motivated employees commit themselves fully to projects all over the globe. TAS Freight Services Sdn Bhd can thus react quickly to any new challenges to fulfill all individual needs of a customer logistics matter.